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Kreate Mobile App

How can we make McGill University students more productive?

Creating a bright and user-friendly digital experience for McGill students to plan their academic life.

Project: Kreate mobile app


Team: Randeep Singh, Tom Zheng, Miklos Tusz, James Paolino, Ronald Yang


Role: Digital branding, social media graphics, web design, user interface design, research, concept ideation, campaign brainstorming, prototyping, mobile app design


Tools: Adobe Photoshop (editing app and buttons), Adobe Illustrator (branding, mobile UI’s, web app design), Facebook Pages (marketing + analytics), HipChat, working within a custom CMS


“Kreate is a community-based information (announcements and events) aggregator that makes it easier for people to stay informed from their community content creators without distractions from other sources. At its current form, Kreate is built in such a way that its primary beneficiaries would be students in universities.”


To create “positive vibe” branding in a mobile app to help McGill students be more productive.


My task was to brighten and improve the brand experience. By using bright colours and seeking inspiration from brands such as Opening Ceremony, Biiru, Taza Flores, SAANA, and Los Angeles I translated these concepts into a brand first, and then into usable mobile UI themes.


Brand book:


What is kreate? How can we make the user experience more positive and productive? Inspired by Steve Jobs and Apple icons. Aimed for a bright, positive and enjoyable experience to increase productivity.


I started by re-branding the company and creating a brand book, using the underline as an open question to what can be “kreated”. I also played with simple block shapes (similar to Adobe’s element-like icons):

This then translated into creating mobile app themes to appeal to McGill university students. These were inspired by existing companies – Opening Ceremony (NYC), Biiru Izakaya (Montreal), SAANA Architects (Tokyo) and Taza Flores (Montreal):

After many iterations, these wireframes and UI’s of the web application were made for seamless integration:

Along with their mobile app UI components:

And advertising material for social media:


This was my first time working for a startup and it was highly enjoyable. I realized that I thrive in ambiguity and “the unknown”. I was able to adapt quickly to changes and appreciated the free-flowing environment of ideas and team collaboration. In the end the app was able to reach +30K downloads from McGill students and more partner universities.

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Branding, Social Media Campaign
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