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NEON Events

What is an “event” in 2016?

Bridging the gap between online and offline space by creating engaging digital marketing strategies for upcoming EDM and Hip Hop shows in Montreal, Canada.

Project: NEON Events


Team: Wesley Yendrys (Marketing Director), John Hatz (Owner, Creative Director)


Role: Graphic Design Intern in charge of – digital branding, social media graphics, research, concept ideation, campaign brainstorming + implementation, prototyping, photo editing, video editing, content creation, experience design


Tools: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere, Facebook Pages + Analytics, Facebook Events


Neon is a movement dedicated to throwing quality events in innovative settings.


As an intern, my job was to create promotional graphics for their social media to promote upcoming EDM and Hip Hop events. This led me to think about the relationship between online and offline space, and how social media could play an important role in promoting the “vibe/energy” of a physical event, as well as be an informative space for a calendar of upcoming events.



To help re-conceptualize Neon’s online social media strategy with a higher focus on the artist’s vision and sound to attract more ticket buyers.


At the time of my internship I saw various ways to improve their social media strategy starting with the artists themselves. Why not put a feature on the artists, their creative vision, and sound, instead of just the event? What is an “event” in 2016 and how does the fast changing landscape of social media play a role in promotions? These were key questions I tried to address.


Being inspired by Neon’s mission statement of blending graphic design with actual event design, I also imagined the social media space as equally important. How could we approach social media and promote the artist themselves to appeal to the masses? Neon is an event promoter, and therefore offers the physical space (venue) and online space (social media) to celebrate the artist.


We started with our Facebook Page as the main point of entry by using the cover photo space as an events calendar for the month featuring artists, dates, and venues so it could be immediately seen by ticket buyers.

Facebook cover photo calendars

Facebook Events

Integrating Facebook Events was also another key factor – the aim was to design cover photos promoting the artists’ sound and vision. Branding the Facebook Event page space:

Promotional Graphics

Graphics I created for Facebook Events and Instagram (images were often sent to us from the artists’ agency, otherwise we had to find them ourselves. All graphics had to be approved by the agent). I produced advertising materials for artists such as Yung Lean, French Kiwi Juice, Chrome Sparks and Neon Indian to name a few:

Instagram graphics for Way Out West, French Kiwi Juice, TR/ST, and Young Rivals:

Montreal tour posters I created for Yung Lean (also used on Facebook Events):

On Instagram

Posting relevant content such as updated interviews, new music, articles, interactive media (.gifs) of said artist were imperative to the social media strategy. The following mock-ups were created to illustrate this:

Instagram ideas:


  • Consistent artist picture with text. Text includes date of show, venue, and time – as if an actual concert poster.
  • Twitter contests to win tickets and to engage audience.
  • Making multiple image posts one larger one (similar to Jaden Smith’s Instagram account @christaiangrey)
  • Same typeface throughout, with artist image change as background
  • “Link in bio” to featured concert or context. Use to track clicks, and from where.
  • Engage with artists as well – tag them in posts, bring up past event pictures, etc.


Facebook Page ideas:


  • Profile pic and cover photo blended to promote one specific event – going hard on a big event so it gets the most reach.
  • Post interactive media to get the most user engagement (ex. music video clips, audio gifs, .gif countdown to an event).
  • Links to press and articles about artist.
  • Arrange header content links to what is most important – Buy Tickets, Events, Twitter, Instagram. Also sidebar elements, include Instagram, Twitter, photos, videos, etc.

Video promotion explorations

I also played with creating “video ads” – cuts of the artists’ music videos to promote their event at the venue:

NEON’s 18th Anniversary

One side project was Neon’s 18th Anniversary event, in which I helped conceptualize the following social media brand/strategy:


  • .gif countdown featuring the performing artists and one song
  • Music Video promo promoting event of artist
  • Instagram posts with lists of artists, countdown, branded website (microsite)


Mockup for Facebook Page branding to promote the event:

Screen Shot 2017-01-13 at 9.02.34 PM

Microsite mockups cont’d:

Screen Shot 2017-07-27 at 1.13.43 PM

Instagram promotion ideas including an artist countdown, 1 featured artist a week (with one of their beats playing the background), video integration, and the custom hashtag “#NEON18”:


We went from 17K likes to 19K in one month during my internship. This was an eye-opening and rewarding experience, opening me up to possibilities in designing social media and marketing strategies in the music industry. I look forward to working with artists and musicians in the near future.

Future Considerations

How can we re-define artist and event promotion?

  • Bridging the gap between global artist agencies with local event promoters.
  • Building engagement for the artists’ vision while promoting their respective events.


NEON Events Website | Facebook Page | Twitter | Instagram | Soundcloud

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