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The Vibe

How can vibes, feelings, and emotions be expressed online?

Expressing emotional storytelling through a curated music radio show, vector illustration, and an online podcast.

Project: The Vibe


Team: CJLO 1690AM team, myself


Role: Digital branding, social media graphics, user interface design, music curation, artistic expression, podcasting, vector illustration, experience design


Tools: CJLO 1690AM,, Facebook (sharing), Tumblr (site + artist features), SoundCloud (music source), Adobe Illustrator, Garageband, Traktor Pro


“The Vibe Room is about the vibes. The energy you get when you hear a good mix – the emotional ups and downs, the comfort during the pain and turbulence. The Vibe Room is here for you. To give you that comfort, love, and space that you seek. To share new, underground sounds with you, not limited by race or colour but purely how they make you feel.”


How can “safe” and comforting spaces be created? How does music affect our moods and emotions? What are the limits of online space? How can graphic design complement the sound of a mix? How is a mix structured to deliver the most pleasurable experience possible?


The Vibe aimed to explore these questions by using sound as an opportunity for expression to share a diverse array of underground music to the masses. Each mix serves as an audiovisual narrative, shared.


Initial branding (2014):

Each episode had its own distinct narrative and visual component. The show additionally served as a channel to promote underground music from Montreal, Canada and beyond, as well as sounds with no particular “genre”… genres created from the medium of SoundCloud itself.


Some graphics from Season 1:

Season 1 featuring online art from the Tumblr community:

Season 1 cont’d:

Season 1.5 – These mixes were created when I was living in Europe:

Season 2 – Back in Montreal, Canada. Exploring geometric/shape relationships and new sounds:

The Vibe Room aimed to re-define the audiovisual experience online, and the future of online radio. During 2014 – 2016, it formed a distinctive voice in music from Montreal, Canada.


Branding, 2016:


This was very much a personal project for me which not only offered an outlet of expression, but also to share and curate quality underground music that people wouldn’t normally find. To this day, I still believe that music has the power to move people, bring comfort to them, and innovate culture.


The Vibe Room on Mixlcoud | On CJLO 1690 AM | On Soundcloud

Branding, Misc., Social Media Campaign
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