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Yellow Noise Magazine

What is the Asian-Canadian identity?

Creating a digital brand and presence for young Asian-Canadian creatives in Montreal, Canada.

Project: Yellow Noise Magazine *2017 update: now called Re:Asian Magazine


Team: Sam Lu, Tina Hanae, Cynthia Yoo, Hera Chan, Kevin Lee, Soh Yun Park


Role: Digital branding, social media graphics, research, concept ideation, campaign brainstorming, music curation, photo editing


Tools: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Facebook Pages + Analytics, Squarespace, Mixcloud, Traktor Pro


“Yellow Noise, as a voice for a new cultural movement, takes a positivist approach to creating our own image of what being Asian means in white-dominant societies of not just Canada, but also other Western societies Canada is inextricably linked to through modern media. Our platform will work to demystify the model minority misconception, which often is the cause of inter-racial violence that disavows the systemic racism that created the myth to begin with. We will create a movement toward empowerment and solidarity with other underrepresented and misrepresented groups through the arts. Yellow Noise is a site of new aesthetic creation and representation for Asian people who do not see themselves in the mainstream media. We seek to foster and encourage Asian self-representation.”


To brand and create Yellow Noise magazine – a distinct voice in the Asian-Canadian arts scene based in Montreal, Canada.


There was no voice for young Asian-Canadians in the art scene in Montreal prior. We wanted to create an opportunity to discuss this identity as well as share meaningful work (whether that be poetry, photography, passion, dj mixed etc) with the world.


Similar magazines such as Ricepaper, were inspirations. Although being based in Montreal, we wanted to highlight local talent and create an image for ourselves that was unique.


Branding Yellow Noise was a collaborative effort. The logo was designed by Toronto-based DJ & Producer KEI-LI, calligraphy by singer/songrwiter Tina Hanae, and most of our photos were taken by Soh Yun Park, a Montreal photographer. My role was to take what was provided and create a brand for Yellow Noise – something that could speak to us as Asian-Canadian creatives, while also offering something different, and “future-oriented”. How could we create a unique brand showcasing the diversity and talent of young Asian-Canadians in Montreal?


Launch party graphic and call for submissions graphics, posted on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram:

Final version 1 of Facebook brand (2015):

Screen Shot 2016-11-17 at 6.19.19 PM

Side project: Yellow Noise for CKUT 90.3FM

In October 2015, co-founder Sam Lu and I hosted Montreal sessions on CKUT 90.3FM, featuring an eclectic mix of asian and ethnic music.

2016 Re-brand

After a recent photoshoot in early January of 2016, we decided to re-brand, or rather refresh our social media pages.

Branding our Facebook Page as a first-point of contact, photos were chosen to reflect the diversity and gender-fluidity of our community in Fashion, Poetry and Photography. The aim was to challenge what the Asian-Canadian identity could mean and make us stand out with pride. The colour purple was chosen to reflect spirituality and lightheartedness, as well as highlight the firey gradient of the logo.


The following were Facebook cover photo experimentations I designed, combining photography, photo editing + cropping, and typography:

Experimenting on our Facebook page:

Final cover photos created by myself:


Final version 2 of our Facebook brand:

Screen Shot 2016-05-20 at 20.24.30


This project made me realize the power of creative, local communities to voice an opinion and identity in a changing and chaotic world. It also made me question my own identity as an Asian-Canadian (being first generation Filipino from Vancouver) and what that could mean in terms of my design “style”. I value creative communities in any capacity and working together with them towards creating a meaningful identity.


Yellow Noise Website | Facebook Page | Mixcloud | Twitter | Instagram | Tumblr

Branding, Case Study, Social Media Campaign
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